Captain Lars Thomsen tells it how it is…

The time has finally come.





Trail Head Cyclery had to make a plan for when The Cambrian Park Plaza would be bulldozed.  While we still do not know exactly when the Historical Monument Merry-Go-Round will be taken down and the “Cambrian Urban Village” will be developed, we DO know that date is near…  And we also know that finding a permanent location for our shop is not an easy task!

And so…  the hunt began three years ago when the Cambrian Park Plaza was sold to Weingarten Realty, a shopping center investment company out of Texas.  When that happened, we thought ruh roh!  Time to get out fast!  But our fears were lessened by learning that it would take a couple years for anything to change.

Things did change though.  Since the property taxes are paid by the tenants of nearly all commercial shopping centers, many businesses couldn’t cover the massive spike.  The iconic Cambrian Bowl was the most significant of them all, but we also saw The Kidz Store leave, Elinor’s Fasions, the Furtiture Store, the Bunny Hutch, the RC Store, Alicia’s Mexican Restaurant,,, even Bank of America left.  Things were looking really grim…

Meanwhile, I was hunting high, low, near and far for a new home.  There were three places I went into lease negotiations, two of which were near the Cambrian Park, but it wasn’t meant to be and I kept looking.  Finally, my persistent realtor, a ripping mountain biker by the name Josh Shumsky of Newmark Knight Frank, he showed me Kerley’s on Steven’s Creek Blvd, Cupertino.

Wow, this place was just perfect!  I saw the old stand alone building of about 5k SF with a private parking lot full of big, bike carrying spaces and thought hmmm, this looks pretty good.  Then I stepped inside and couldn’t believe my fortune.  This place was converted into a hunting lodge by the old founder of Kerley’s, and while it would need some modernizing and decor change, it was clearly a mountian bike shop.  That was back in November of 2017 folks.  The time it took to secure a lease was many months, but secure the lease we did!

Now we’re now open in Cupertino and I’m very excited to welcome everyone into our new mountain bike lodge! Visit our Facebook Page and Instagram to see some of the progress.

Many things will remain the same, like the amazing staff who I feel so fortunate to have working here.  We’ll be the same mountain bike focused shop that doesn’t stock road bikes, (but in our closet we actually build quite a few :-).

We’ll have our demo fleet, but will be adding electric city bikes to the mix.

We’ll have showcases full of the tastiest mountain hardware, but not in glass cases from retails stores of old.  Rather we’ve custom built showcases from recycled wood that welcomes you to pick up a handlebar and feel the rise and sweep without having to ask staff.

Our service.  Our service is the back bone of our shop.  We fix bikes, simple as that.  But it’s not simple is it, or all the shops would do it like we do.  Many of them don’t.  Trail Head Cyclery is built to service bikes.  From the massive investment in specialty tools to the skilled hands that use them, Trail Head will take on nearly any repair.

So a lot stays the same, but the experience will be elevated.  View the best mountain bikes of our time against the impressive backdrop of Soquel Demonstration Forrest.  Try on the best apparel, shoes and armor inside a rustic mountain cabin.  Swing your trusty steed in for service and if we can do it while you wait, roll on upstairs into the mountain lounge and unwind for a bit.  We’ll keep the fridge well stocked and the mountain bike footage rolling on our massive 4k big screen.

I know a lot of folks who have supported us for many years in the Cambrian Park Plaza.  Thank you.  We would never have survived this crazy market without you.  I hope you’ll find the trip to Cupertino not too far and well worth the drive.  We’ll miss our high pitched ceilings with the big windows.  We’ll miss the huge parking lot we filled twice a year with our Swap Meet.  We’ll miss Tu Mero Mole across the street!  But change is good, and we are feeling positive that moving to our new home will be amazing.

I’m personally looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Lars Thomsen


Trail Head Cyclery
20301 Steven’s Creek Blvd.
Cupertino, CA 95014