Dear Trail Heads,

Trail Head Cyclery is truly a bike shop; a full service shop built and staffed to not only build new bikes to the highest standards, but to perform repairs and upgrades daily.

Trail Head CycleryIn a time where a lot of shops seem to be transitioning into stores with little selection and outsourcing complex repairs, Trail Head has kept our focus on the mechanical service side. You will see this the moment you visit our shop with two of our repair bays right on the sales floor for you to see. Hang out and watch a wheel being built or a Fox Fork torn apart for repair. Ask a question and get an honest answer from somebody who has chosen repairing bikes as their career.

Of course we sell new bicycles every day, but eventually those bikes will need repairs. And what about that trusty steed in your garage that really just needs a little love to see the light of day again? At Trail Head Cyclery, we will not try to sell you a new bicycle unless the repair cost is so great it makes sense to. When you bring your bike to Trail Head, one of our experienced service techs will do a full evaluation of your bike and give you an honest opinion of what has to be repaired and what could simply improve the ride experience. You make the decision in the end what is best for you!

Some of you are great at doing your own repairs and upgrades, which we can really appreciate! You will find a staggering inventory of small parts in stock, the largest selection of tires anywhere and the chosen components found in the latest reviews. We are in favor of seeing, holding and talking about a part before making a purchase while staying competitive on our prices. Not to mention compatibility!

Trail Head CycleryNew bikes are awesome though, and you will find a staggering selection in stock and ready to ride. If it is on our sales floor, then we can assure you that we disassembled then re-assembled that bike to the highest standards. We call it the Trail Head Pro Build, and there is a section of our website dedicated to showing off this rare process. Check it out, I think you will like what you see.

Trail Head Cyclery was founded in 1997 by the father and son team of John and Lars Thomsen. The Thomsen family had the unique experience of cruising aboard a 38 foot sailboat for over two years, and out of that life changing experience one learns to do things right the first time! You also learn to use nothing but quality parts that will not fail days from reaching land. Mountain biking is a little like sailing in that you venture into the forest and rely on your bicycle performing well to bring you safely home. Come to think of it, that’s true about all forms of riding isn’t it!

We carefully select only quality parts and accessories to keep in stock, skipping the high profit, cheaply made stuff that just doesn’t last. From pumps to lights, tires and helmets, our selection is not only complete but also made to last. That doesn’t always mean expensive. There are reasonably priced options right along side industry leading options. We understand that not everybody lives and breaths bikes like we do and that there are tight budgets to be sure. That said, there really is no such thing as a good deal on a bike or part of poor quality. You simply end up buying it twice!

If you are looking for a bike shop with a friendly, knowledgeable staff that loves to ride and doesn’t have an attitude, give Trail Head Cyclery a chance to make your cycling more enjoyable, safe and most of all, fun!

Ride hard, take chances!

– Lars Thomsen
Captain of Trail Head Cyclery