X-Fusion may have been late to the suspension game, only getting started in 1999, but they quickly caught up to their competitors.

They focus on making high quality, all metal suspension that is built to last. With this philosophy they have gained a lot of popularity over the past 2 decades, becoming stock on many big bike brands such as Specialized and Ibis.  Through a vast array of adjustments, CNC’d internals, and moving their R&D department to Santa Cruz, X-Fusion have put themselves on the map in terms of quality and longevity of their suspension products.

This attention to detail and appreciation for high quality products and materials is exactly why X-Fusion is inside Trail Head Cyclery.

 We only carry products that we can confidently refer our customers to and X-Fusion definitely fits the bill.  We are proud to have them in our shop as we know how important suspension is to the overall riding experience.  Trail Head Cyclery only carries suspension that improves the riding experience of our customers.

So come on down to Trail Head Cyclery and see for yourself why we carry X-Fusion.  Throw your leg over a bike tuned with this suspension and you may just walk out the door rethinking your current setup.

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