Fox Racing Shox has long been considered the epitome of mountain bike suspension.

With its buttery smooth feel and low weight it has everything you want from suspension. They carry a full line of forks and rear shocks for any riding style, from the 32 float for cross country to the 40 for downhill. They are located just down the road in Santa Cruz and continue to raise the bar for suspension year after year.

It was an easy decision to carry Fox Racing Shox here at Trail Head Cyclery because, like us, they strive to be the gold standard.

Trail Head Cyclery is the shop that every other shop is compared against in terms of knowledge and service. We are not a big conglomerate shop, we are a family owned bike shop with a full service service department that not only sells bikes, but keeps them running as new.

It only takes one feel of a Fox Racing Shox product to understand why they are in our shop, so come on down and throw your leg over this suspension! The only downside? You may want to replace the suspension on all of your bikes.

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