Deliver the
best ride possible.

That’s our Credo

We believe a bike shop should be driven by the workshop, not the sales floor.  The workshop is the heart and soul of our shop. We don’t hire bicycle assemblers; only experienced mechanics build bikes at Trail Head. We perform custom builds and handle the full spectrum of repair work – all in the pursuit of delivering the best ride possible.  If you are looking for a shop that does service, right there in the shop, Trail Head Cyclery is that service shop!

What we do //

  • Custom wheel builds (which include lifetime truing and tensioning)
  • Custom cutting and threading of spokes with our Phil Wood spoke machine
  • Hub servicing and overhaul, including Chris King, Hadley, I9, DT Swiss and more
  • Suspension fork service, such as seal and fluid replacement
  • Custom fork service, including reducing and lengthening suspension fork travel
  • Complete in-house fork overhauls, covering damper cartridge seals,fluids, air springs, and bushing replacement
  • Rear shock air can service and DU bushing replacement
  • Third party factory shock service for custom valving or floating piston recharge
  • Suspension pivot overhauls including bearing replacement
  • Disc brake service, such as flushing, bleeding and replacing pistons
  • Frame preparation, including facing and chasing of bottom bracket shell, head tube and disc brake tabs
  • Pedal thread insert installation for stripped crank arms
  • Post-crash evaluations and insurance estimates
  • Custom painting  (third party)
  • Carbon repair (third party)
  • Warranty processing
  • Technical/compatibility problem solving

Call to schedule a service (408) 369 9666 Or email service@trailheadcyclery

To experience the very best of bicycle maintenance, service, and building, come on down to our shop and let us show you what we can do for you, your bike, and your riding.

D.I.Y. Folks

We are your shop as well!  For us to keep our turnaround times fast in service, we keep loads of small parts in stock which are available to you.  We also stock rare tools for specific jobs, such as bleeding brakes, wheel truing, hub overhauls, fork service and tubeless conversions just to name a few.