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Lake Cunningham Bike Park – San Jose

The largest bike park in California to date, Lake Cunningham Bike Park will open its ‘doors’ to the public on April 14th, 2018! Trail Head Cyclery has from the start been a staunch supporter of this initiative; a member of the steering committee throughout, and acknowledged by the Mayor’s office for our role in the planning of this site. We were thrilled and honored to help usher in such a large, multi-faceted bike park to the Bay Area – and we hope to see you on the trail!

Features //

  • Approximately 10 Acres of trails and tricks
  • Jump lines
  • Pump Tracks
  • Dual Slalom
  • Wooden Park Features
  • Challenge Zones featuring:
    • Wooden Skinnies
    • Teeter Totters
    • Rollers
    • Kinks
    • ...and more!

No wheels? no problem! Rent SOMETHING SWEET WITH THC

Not only are we big supporters of the LCBP here at Trail Head, but we also offer rentable Bike Demos to one and all. So whether you’re new to park traversing, or you’re looking to try some of the latest gear, you can to rent a bike from THC. And as always, should you become smitten with the bright and shiny, any rental fees paid can be put towards a brand-spanking new bike! Now that’s love...

The Pro(s) knows...

New to bike park style action? Don’t you fret – we here at THC are always ready and able to wax cyclical strategy when it comes to our favorite passion. Whether you’re not sure you’re gear is up to snuff or you want a broader lay of the land, the pros at THC would love to lend a hand, in store and on the trail.

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