Demo Bikes for Rent

Alright folks, please peruse the models below – any and all are available for you to rent!

As always, you are welcome to call the shop with any questions, such as: “can I rent two bikes at the same time?” Yup, call our shop number at 408-369-9666 and ask away. We’re happy to help with any questions you could dream up. (Hmmm, that does sound like an open invitation for some wacky questions doesn’t it… We’re down! Let’s hear ’em!”

You’ll find the most popular questions at the bottom of the page.


Q: When is the bike due back?
A: All rentals are due back before the close of the second day. Pick up anytime on day one, bring it back anytime before closing day two.

Q: How much does it cost to rent?
A: Details are on the Demo Bike page, but real quick like: Specialized and Transition models are $100 for the first night while Yeti and Ibis models are $150. Additional nights can be added for $50.

Q: If I bring back the bike before the second day is it less?
A: Nope. The second day is free and really it’s designed to help you plan a good ride without spending time going to the shop first.

Q: If I bring back the bike before the second day can I exchange it for another model?
A: Nope. The dollars are spent setting up the bike and then fully cleaning, tuning and dialing in the bike for the next rider.

Q: Can I apply the demo dollars towards a bike purchase?
A: You bet. We’ll apply up to $1200 in demo dollars towards the list price of a bike or frame with a value over $2500 and up to 12 months from the demo date.


Epic (medium and large)
Stumpjumper 27.5 (medium and large)
Stumpjumper 29 (medium and large)
Enduro 27.5 (medium and large)
Enduro 29 (medium and large)

Smuggler 29 (medium and large)
Scout 27.5 (medium and large)
Patrol 27.5 (large)
Sentinel (medium, large and XL)

SB4.5 (large)
SB5 (small, medium and large)
SB5.5 (medium, large and XL)
SB6 (large)

Mojo-3 (small, medium, large and XL)
Mojo-HD4 (medium, large and XL)
Ripley LS (medium, large and XL)

Yessir, that adds up to 36 2018 high end demo bikes right there. We invest heavily in this fleet so that you can see ’em, touch ’em and feel ’em and most importantly… ride ’em! Take ’em out, show ’em a good time! 🙂