_dsc5351Here at Trail Head we give you the opportunity to try it before you buy it with our Demo Program.  It is hard to know what bike is right for you by riding it around in the parking lot.  These are mountain bikes and they are meant to be ridden on the trails! That is why we stock a wide range of Demo bikes for you to try out.

Some folks call these rentals, and well, renting is indeed another way of saying it.  But when we think of a rental, we usually think of a something beat down, poorly maintained and thrashed.  So yes, you can rent one of these Demo bikes, but…

DEMO BIKE vs. Rental

_dsc5399Our Demo Program is unique because we offer a wide range of the latest high end mountain bikes from the four best companies we know. Specialized is the most well known mountain bike company ever since they were the first to produce a production mountain bike after all.  Ibis and Yeti Cycles are both legendary companies with a deep history in mountain bike lore.  And Transition Bicycles, well they are becoming more legendary by the day!  What all three of these smaller companies have in common is that they only make bikes for the dirt, and that focus has led them to the front.  All of our Demo Bikes are meticulously maintained and will be a very clear indicator of what to expect should you purchase one for your very own!  That is why we like to call them Demo Bikes instead of rentals.


“We want you to feel comfortable trying out multiple bikes, so we allow our customers to apply their demo dollars to the regular price of any bike or frame.” (*)








Yes, there is small print…  We have been doing this since 1997 folks, and over time we have had to make some adjustments.  Up to $1000 demo dollars can be applied towards the list price of a new frame or bicycle with a value of $2500 or higher.  The demo dollars are good for up to 12 months, after which they begin to expire.