Shimano is a brand that is known to be entirely reliable.

Reliability is key when it comes to moving parts on a mountain bike.  When you adjust your derailleurs and they are just right, you want to be sure that they stay that way.  Trail Head Cyclery has been using Shimano for a long time and we can tell you that they will.  Shimano doesn’t sacrifice performance for weight, their first priority is to build the smoothest shifting, most reliable components to improve your ride.  With innovations such as electronic shifting to further increase reliability and smoothness through automatic derailleur adjustments, Shimano has been on the forefront of cycling technology.

Here at Trail Head Cyclery reliable and smooth are two words we would want to describe our bike.  This is why we carry Shimano components.

We only sell components that we ourselves would use from companies that are just as dedicated to high ride quality as we are.

So whether you are looking to go full electronic with Shimano’s new XTR Di2 or you are looking to upgrade to the best brakes on the market, Trail Head Cyclery and Shimano have you covered.

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