Industry 9 is a company 16 people strong who make some of the finest and smoothest wheelsets on the market.

Industry 9 outsources rims and bearings, but not a thing more.  Everything else is designed, built, assembled, and marketed from their office in North Carolina.  Industry 9 employs a group of highly skilled wheel builders who in any one given day could be designing a new hub, building a wheelset, and answering sales calls.

Industry 9 caught Trail Head Cyclery’s eye through their dedication to improving the cycling experience and not accepting the status quo.

It has created a hub that engages quickly, performs flawlessly and rivals the weight and strength of the best wheels on the market.

If you want to touch and feel Industry 9 hubs for yourself then come on down to Trail Head Cyclery where we can answer all of your Industry 9 questions.

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