Chris King Precision Components accurately describes what they do.  They make the highest quality components that have been tried and tested.

Chris King has such strict tolerance standards for their hubs that they turn their out of tolerance hubs into salt and pepper shakers so they don’t go to waste.  Everything Chris King does is well thought out and is never a quick decision.  They do not invest in passing trends or fads, they look deeper and address the needs of every rider.

This precision and dedication to producing only the highest standard of product is what brought Chris King and Trail Head Cyclery together.

 We share the desire to increase the quality of the ride.  Through Chris King’s components and Trail Head’s knowledgeable staff we can make sure that your headset is installed properly, your bottom bracket is smooth, and your hubs get laced up properly.

Interested in building up a new set of wheels or just want to see some Chris King bottom brackets and headsets? Then come on down to Trail Head Cyclery where we stock a wide range of Chris King products.

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