When my dad and I were driving down the 101 to attend the 1996 Interbike convention in Anaheim, we talked the whole way there and back about our shop-to-be, and there were many variables. One thing however, was certain. We were going to be a Specialized Dealer.

The Morgan Hill bicycle and component supplier doesn’t just let any ‘ol person sell their amazing products, nor do they allow an approved dealer to sell any place they like. Nope. Especially back then, there was this thing called a dealer territory and no matter how great the location was, if we chose a spot that was too close to another Specialized dealer it was denied.

“I kid you not, my Dad and I felt so strongly that this was to be our core supplier, we asked Specialized to draw a line on a map where we could open our shop. True story.”

Specialized has a very unique connection to the mountain bike for a major supplier. Yes, they were the first to manufacture a production MTB thereby changing the future of cycling. Yes, they are located in a prime location where not only are there some of the finest trails to ride, but also happens to be in one of the worlds largest economies, the Silicon Valley. That makes a lot of things possible if you have Mike Sinyard’s vision and drive. The most valuable thing Sinyard has is his team of passionate cyclists with a pedigree forged from some of the top businesses and schools in the world. The “Performance Mountain” team is just amazing and this is the connection I am talking about. Not only do they have the tools on hand to design the most technologically advanced bicycles, but they also have the bandwidth to create them. Not a few hundred, but thousands of them, consistently and with an organization that allows a Level 1 dealer like Trail Head Cyclery to get what our customers want in a very timely manner. These same production bikes that we sell are exactly what their top athletes ride, and we’re talking about some of the most decorated riders in the world.

Trail Head Cyclery is all about the “High Performance” mountain bike folks, so we don’t just talk about these bikes. We ride them. We race them. We stock them. A whole lot of them! We’ve been an S-Works dealer since the category was created and our relationship with those who create them goes deep. When you visit THC, expect to find a wide selection of Specialized bicycles and product stacked up right next to the best brands available. While we are NOT what some folks call an outlet, we out-sell and out-service those outlets because we are a diverse shop focused on high performance mountain bikes. And since Specialized delivers some of the best, you will find them here!

Tired of looking and reading about them on your computer? Sweet. Roll on down to Trail Head Cyclery and put your leg over one. Want to ride one in the woods before committing to a size and model? Our demo fleet of Specialized mountain bikes is more complete than even the Specialized demo fleet…

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