Trail Head Cyclery Dirt Demo

Dates are set for our 2017 Spring Dirt Demo! Mark those calendars for May 5th, 6th and 7th folks, because we’ll be back out in Santa Teresa County Park slinging the best darn mountain bikes ever with Ibis Cycles, Specialized, YETI Cycles and Transition Bikes! That’s right, THC has picked up Transition Bikes! Cost is $40 for a day pass which gets you access to ride as many bikes as you can, eat as many tacos as you can and then you get the $40 back in the form of a store credit! You will need to bring a valid form of ID (such as a driver’s license or passport) with a matching credit card that we will hold for the day while you enjoy riding. You will also need to bring a helmet and any standard riding gear. We will have lots of pedals, but if you like your pedals a lot, we are more than happy to put them on each bike you ride.

The trails here are pretty awesome. There’s something for everybody, from smooth singletrack to technical rocky sections, steep ass switchbacks or mellow jeep roads. A lot of regulars here wear armor over their knees and/or elbows for good measure, but very few full face helmets. It’s not that gnarly! But you should be prepared for real mountain biking and not be fooled by the County Park status :-) Speaking of County Parks, parking in the park is $6 last I checked, so carpool if you can.

DATES & TIMES: Did you notice this is three days?
5.5.17 FRIDAY – HIGH NOON until 5 PM (Transition will not be here yet)
5.6.17 – SATURDAY – 9 AM through 5 PM (All bikes)
5.7.17 – SUNDAY – 9 AM through 5 PM (All bikes)

BIKES – BIKES – BIKES: Approximately 150 bikes to choose from folks…

GEAR – GEAR – GEAR : Not just bikes folks, but all sorts of gear to check out too!

TACOS – TACOS – TACOS: Once again, we’ll have King Taco serving up the tastiest street tacos, keeping you fueled for multiple laps! Many other snacks will be provided as well, from fruit to bars, cookies and such.

DEALS – DEALS – DEALS : These are not your average bikes, and therefore do not have average prices. However, we will be offering the best pricing possible to you with an extra bonus thrown in for same day deposits down!

LOCAL – LOCAL – LOCAL : Last note here… We are a local shop, with local employees and put everything back into our cycling community. It’s not easy and we would all really appreciate your business. Thank you!

More details will be added here as they develop, but this is pretty solid for now!

Lars & the THC Crew

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